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compassion. Culture. change.  



Your mental health journey begins with a conversation. Our commitment to providing compassionate, culturally informed non-judgemental support leads you to the change you hope to see in your life. Your psychological, emotional, and social health are our priority. Give us a call to start your counseling journey! Ask about our school-based group services. 

Have no shame! Let's start today. 


Our comprehensive consulting services are comprised of professional development and executive coaching for schools and organizations to build diverse, equitable, inclusive practices to ensure all stakeholders, especially males of color, belong. Our model includes ongoing support to organizational leaders to increase effectiveness and transformative change.  We also offer school-based mental health services that support social-emotional learning, mental wellness, behavioral health, resilience, and positive connections between students and adults. We serve as a preventative supplementary service to support where schools don't have the capacity.


We focus on organizational culture with adults to promote WELL environments where stakeholders can navigate stress, anxiety, bullying, microaggressions, racial biases, family problem, and more


Contact our team today to learn more about how we can support your team!

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