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Elevate540 is a community organization serving the mental health, social, and emotional needs of men of color through exposure and opportunity. Our team is committed to offering a variety of services to help men of color reach their greatest destiny.



  • Research to better under the climate and current needs of men of color

  • Education: In-person and virtual Retreats, conferences, and workshops for men of color, allies, and professionals  

  • Advocacy: Work with boys of color to maximize their SEL skills and impact through community advocacy

  • Coaching: Provide transformative leadership coaching to men of color to held lead SEL session for boys of color

  • Hope: Counseling services, LGBTQ programming, and support groups 

Looking For Counseling?

 Visit our THERAPY PAGE or contact our team at 980-819-1957 

Support for Boys of Color

If you are a parent, educator, or program looking for additional support and programs for your boys of color, contact our team to learn more about ways our programs might be able to maximize the social-emotional health of your boys.  

Learn More About Our Research

Our team is in the current conducting  research on better understanding the current climate of mental health for Black-identifying adolescent and adult males in Mecklenburg County. If you would like to learn more about our findings or want us to help inform your work, contact our team today! 

Work for Same-Gender-Loving Men of Color

We host a series of events specific to persons who identity as "of color" and any facet of "same-gender-loving." If you would like to subscribe to these events, CLICK HERE! 

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