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The Why

Be the Difference!

Dominique Stone-Maddix "Dom" is an accomplished educator, organizational leader, and psychotherapist who has the honor of serving as the founder and lead clinician at Elevate540. As an equity-driven leader, strategist, and licensed mental health therapist, he believes that W.E.B DuBois said it best: "Children learn more from what you are than what you teach!"


Prior to founding Elevate540, Dom served as an educator specializing in Title I services and a C-level executive at a national non-profit, where he co-created a development program to retain over 95% of male educators of color annually.


Dom's background in prioritizing support for boys of color led him to create opportunities for males of color to thrive psychologically, socially, and mentally. 


Our team is committed to providing quality professional development, executive coaching, and mental health services to males of color and allies. Together, we can dramatically impact the community for a better tomorrow today! 

Thank you for your support of Elevate540 and your commitment to changing the narrative for our males of color!

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