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Welcome to Elevate540! We are dedicated to dismantling the barriers that impact the mental health for men of color across the nation!

We utilize research, education, advocacy, coaching, and hope (R.E.A.C.H.) to promote awareness and transformative  change in the lived of boys and men of color

We envision a world where all boys and men of color can lead a healthy life in full control of their psychological, emotional, and social health



We get it! It's hard balancing all that life throws at you. It is our goal to ensure that you get the tools needed to live the life that is designed for you! Contact our team today to get connected to a therapist and to begin your healing journey! You matter!


Want us to host a training for your staff?

Looking for development on effective resources to help boys and men of color reach their goals?


 That's right! We care! We host a series of professional development sessions for professionals, wellness and healing workshops for families, SEL summits/ events for boys of color, and a host of web-series for same-gender-loving men of color. Check out or events page to see what's coming up! Contact our team today to learn more about how we can support you!


For Boys of Color

"We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers"

-Bayard Rustin

The world is not kind to marginalized communities, specifically for boys and men of color. Contact our team about our Living Brave programs, summits, and retreats specifically for boys and men of color. We've got your back!!


Yes! The only way to truly understand the need of the people you serve, is to be in the trenches with the day-to-day. We pride ourselves in on the most current and accurate data to influence our work. 

Elevate540 has its very own research team that specifically  focuses on the mental health and wellness of boys and men of color.



We believe that EVERY male of color deserves the opportunity to thrive in life and have the tools to navigate any barrier they face!

Through research, education, advocacy, coaching, and hope, we can reach this goal.


Reach out to learn more about how you can get involved!



We are located in the Southend neighborhood in Charlotte, NC.


Our address is:

307 W. Tremont Ave. # 200, Charlotte, NC 28203

Please make an appointment to meet with a staff member today!

Phone: 980-819-1957

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