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DuBois Fellowship Program

Elevate540 is committed to helping boys of color reach their greatest destiny through challenging them to identify social issues that impact the mental, physical, and social health of themselves and their community and doing something about it. We pair each accepted Fellow with trained Coach, who will help the Fellow discover tenets of their personal passion and ignite their passion for change. All work in done in collaboration with an adult family representative. 

How It Works:

  • Any eligible boy of color can apply using the online application by February 28 (YEARLY)

  • Our evaluation committee will review applications and announce the Fellowship Cohort on/ by April 15 (YEARLY)



  • PHASE 1: Fellow will participate in an intensive weekend retreat centered on SEL, servant leadership, a community advocacy 

  • PHASE 2: Fellow will begin their year-long mentorship and service-learning project (monthly check-in's required)

  • PHASE 3: Fellow will implement their advocacy project and provide a summary in partnership with their Coach


Fellowship Candidate Requirements:

-Currently enrolled in 8th - 12th grade in Mecklenburg County

-Ability to express interest in a social welfare problem that impacts them and their community

-Ability to commit to a year-long project that may include some research, interviews, planning, and project presentation

- Ability to work with their Coach to complete each element of the project

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