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October 8th is National Depression Screening Day!

We encourage you to reach out to get your free and confidential depression screening.

Call our team at 980-819-1957




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In partnership with Communities in Schools Charlotte, our team launched the Living Brave Summit: I Am Who I Am!

Throughout the fall semester, our team will engage 100 Black boys from across Mecklenburg County in a series of intimate conversations on how they live brave as a Black male in America through the lens of Social-Emotional Learning. 


November 17th

 3:00 pm

Cohort A:

Harding University High

Myers Park High 

Cohort B: 

Phillip O. Berry High 

South Mecklenburg High

November 18th

3:00 pm

Cohort C:

East Mecklenburg High

Independence High

Cohort D:

West Charlotte High

Zebulon B. Vance High

 November 10th 

5:00 pm

Cohort E:

Whitewater Middle

Albemarle Road Middle



Family Bootcamp: Feel to Heal

June 13, 2020 (POSTPONED)

July 11, 2020

Promote family healing and address challenges impacting the family unit through intensive and engaging group simulations, conversations with other families through our Red Table Talk discussion, and leaving with an action plan to support your family.

Audience: Parents, guardians, caretakers, mentors, or young men of color


  • Social impacts of how we show up 

  • Ambition to achieve masculinity

  • The marriage between mindset and behavior

  • Planning for change


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Copy of Dating while _Melanated_.png

Living Brave: The Chat

A monthly conversation for men of color from around the nation to simply answer the question, "How are you?  We believe in the power of conversation, and providing the space for men of color to address the barriers and defeat the stigma about mental health. The Chat is a part of a summer series from April 2020 - July 2020.

Audience: Men of Color (18+)

The Chat by Date:

July 23: UnfilteredJoin us on July 23, 2020, at 8:00 pm EST via Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live. A featured dialogue with a panel to take a deep dive into their stories and how they are becoming! CLICK HERE to register!

June 25: Dating With Melanin. Join us on June 25, 2020, at 8:00 pm EST via Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live. A featured dialogue with a panel to discuss the implications of being Black and same-gender-loving in America. CLICK HERE to register!!

May 21: Dating With Melanin. On May 21, 2020, at 8:00 pm EST via Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live, we featured a panel of LGBTQ++ advocates and educators to discuss and think deeply about dating and relationships for same-gender-loving males of color during and after COVID-19. A discussion on what isn't covered in books. What is healthy dating? How does your emotional and psychological health play a role? 


April 9: A Mental Health Check-In With Men of Color​. A host of men of color from across the nation to explore the emotional and psychological implications of "melanated" men during COVID-19. Hosted by our CEO @Secretary_Dom, supported by @josueJQquinones, and joined by a host of males of color from around the nation. 

Join the Convo and More Info

Access information for monthly conversations will be available on our Facebook or Instagram pages. If you would like to join the conversation as a guest, want to serve as a partner to The Chat, or want access information, sign up using the link below. 


In October 2019 , we honored a group of men who expressed bravery through speaking and narrating their life's challenges as men of color in America. Each honoree will engage in a weekend of activities on deepening their impact in their community.


Each participant concluded the weekend charged to impact another young male in their community.



"WOW!" I needed a space like this when I was younger. Thank you for providing a space for collaboration, challenge, and healing. Keep doing this amazing work."

"I really enjoyed this retreat. Being able to have interactions with other men of color with a wide range of backgrounds was comforting but also challenged each of us to be understanding of our differences. I love the purpose of the retreat and I’ll definitely be implementing aspects of this retreat moving forward."

"Dom is an amazing host. Everyone that attended was a breath of fresh air. Honestly, the whole retreat made it sooo easy to be open and free with no judgments."

"I think it was a great weekend-- I got to explore my own background and also hear others journey challenged me to discover more about myself."

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